Saturday, June 9, 2012

iPhone 4s message tone gets stuck

Hi guys, I have been trying to resolve my iPhone message tone problem. The problem is described below -

1. Whenever I get a message, my message tone gets stuck. It is supposed to play like "tring" but it plays like "tr tr tr tr tr tr tring".

2. The problem gets resolved for sometime if I reset all settings and restart my phone. After sometime I again start facing the same problem.

3. I even got a replacement, but the problem still persisted. Again not immediately, but after some time.

4. I also called apple support, but they said there is no fix available for this issue (Atleast its a known issue)

Finally, I tried something - I disabled "View in Lock Screen" setting for messages and Yippie that worked!!
I don't know if this solution will work for you but you could atleast give it a try.

So basically  -
Setting > Notifications > Messages > View in lock Screen = OFF

Let me know if the solution works.

Essentially you should disable ALL the View in Lock Screen settings. I mean all the notifications should have this setting set to OFF, also make sure that you only select Banners or None  in the Alert style. You might face the problem when you are using Alerts as an alert style.


  1. No problem, just let everyone know that it works :)

  2. So I have to lose a feature I find valuable in order to fix a bug? That's nice.

  3. this is not a bug fix, its just a workaround. In case the message tone gets too irritating.

    Apple must fix it in the coming version of IOS 6.

  4. Thxx a ton dude !! It wz really freaking me really helped a lot

  5. I went through all my messages and found 2 that I had started to text but never sent - that resolved the problem. So reiggin you dont have to give up the feature.

    1. Thanks for the update @anne, let me know if its a permanant fix.